Welcome! Borneo : Weekend at Windu River

Can you imagine black color of river? Some people may think the river might be contaminated by something, as i though at the first time. But for some rivers in Borneo, that statement is far from the truth. Black color of the river is not caused by floor's color of the river or contaminated by poluted substance. My friend said it's caused by roof of the forest. I experienced it by my self this weekend at Windu River, Sanggu Village.
Sanggu Village is located at East side of Buntok Residence. It is 20 km away from Buntok. Although Buntok is the residence city of Barito Selatan, but there are no (at least for now) location for recreation. Peoples always go to Sanggu to have some vacation. There are dam, river, race arena, and (in the future) air plain station. 

This weekend my senior (doctor Wayan) and his friend (pak Ladin) took me to Sanggu Village by his Hartoop. Maybe, only this off-road car that suit to go to any places in Borneo, including Sanggu Village. But don't think that all road are bad. Majority of the roads are already good, using aspal. It needed 20 minutes for us to go to Sanggu Village. Right-left side of the road I see many houses and swamps. The right side there is river with the black color of water. Unfortunately I didn't ask the name of the river. The sky slowly stained by yellow-orange color of sun. It was already afternoon. Doctor Wayan purposely choosed to go in the afternoon to get privately time when we arrived at Windu River. Usually, at weekend, many peoples will come to take a bath at that river. So, we did't want take a bath with too many persons. It's better to enjoy the river privately.

The orange-yellowish sky became violet. Finally we arrived at Windu River. Not like it's brother -Barito River- this river is small. Just like common river in Bali. The color of the water is black, and the floor of the river is white sand. It's so wonderfull. I never saw the river like this before. It just like a piece of beach were taken to this area. Not only in the area of the river,but almost all way to the river is contain of white sand. Maybe a thousand years ago this area was a beach. Who knows. Sometimes nature can act irrational and unpredictable. And for the result we will always say : it's miracle. 

It only take a minute to put my clothes and follow dr. Wayan to enjoy the cold water. When I take some water into may hand, I can see the color was still black. The teste also was not bad. I mean like pure water. I swam for a while and take a bath. It was so refreshing for hot weather in Borneo. The river was not too deep, only 1 meter. The spot to take a bath and swim was near the bridge, with diameter 4-5 meters. We are not alone. Three men came and enjoy the river. 

For twenty minutes we swam in the river. After that, we continued our journey to place where Pura was being built. The road little bit harder that before, but the car can handle it. It was still the fondation of Pura. But, step by step it will be finished. Dr. Wayan and many Hindus persons in Buntok were the founder and first supporter of this Pura' construction. The surrounding area were still empty. The forest was surround. When I see the sky, stars looked soo bright, as if there are so close to me. There were still no electricity to that area, so dr.Wayan used a generator. It roaring mechine break the silent of night.

Docter Wayan started to pray to Pura. Pak Ladin and I made hot water for some coffee. We made it with fire-wood, some traditional methode. Aaahh, it was so nice to taste the coffee while resting in such area. But, beware! There were too many mosquitos. Anti-mosquitos would be helpfull in that situation.
We did chit chat for awhile. Tomorrow we will start our daily activity, so we should prepare now. We went back to Buntok after finishing our coffee. This wonderful weekend showed me how wonderful our nature. And, hopefully, some refreshing at weekend will build much more spirit for tomorrow.

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