Gasoline Extinction

Believing that Government is doing right to fulfill our Constitution is far from reality. There is no synchronization when I read our constitution (Undang-Undang Dasar 1945) article 33, about Government's duty to maintain people wellness by controlling any strategic resources, with recent situation, especially in Buntok. Here, people struggle to get gasoline. Many resellers (we called it Pelangsir) stay at Gas Station with many personal user just to get Gasoline. They make a long march near Gas Station, just like little mice. Personally, I don't want to waste my time waiting that long march for just 2 -3 liters of gasoline. But, at reseller, one liter of gasoline (premium) prize 7000 – 8000 rupiahs. That's 2500 – 3500 extra money from basic prize (4500 rupiahs). Amazing! I confuse which one that I choose. While I am thinking, my gasoline running out. 
Lets see in a good way. The gasoline's prize increase dramatically. It pushes me to control my activity with motorcycle. So, I almost always go to hospital on foot. I believe it makes me healthier. Walaah! I got a good point of view from this situation. I hope the prize can down to it's rational prize while I still have this good point of view.

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