Welcome! Borneo

For the first time in my life I went to Kalimantan (people sometimes said it as Borneo), one of the largest island in Indonesia. It was time to say goodbye to my homeland, Bali. I doubt I can find such beautifull island like Bali, the island of God-Godess. But, I believe every place has their own character.

I got a job at Buntok Regency – Central Borneo. I though it might be a good opportunity to start my carrier in a new place. I was not going directly to Central Borneo. I and my wife went to Yogyakarta first to see my wife's family. We used bus (Safari Darma Raya). We bought the ticket for 225,000 rupiahs each. It needed 16 hours until arrived to Yogyakarta. From Yogya, I flight with Batavia Air to Jakarta (Sukarno-Hatta Airport). Waiting at least for 2 hours until the plane ready to go to Palangkaraya. The plane that flight from Yogya to Jakarta was larger than from Jakarta to Palangkaraya. That's why turbulence more prominent when plane arrived at Tjilik Riwut Airport – Palangkaraya. But the size did't change plane's “beauty service” of stewardess.

One difference thing that I saw from above between Jakarta and Palangkaraya was the color of it's land. Jakarta's color was brown, with many roofs; while Palangkaraya has green color, and a lot of gray water. Yes, when I saw from above the color of water was gray.  May be, it because of reflection of cloud.

Tjilik Riwut Airport was not such a big Airport as Ngurah Rai Airport or Soekarno-Hatta Airport. As I hear, not every day plane arrived or flighted from this Airport. I went trough the passenger area, took my bag, and found Mr. Sophyan (person that will show me the way to Buntok). It took 200 km from Palangkaraya to Buntok, 4 hours more less. And, the common transportation to used was travel car. But, don't think the road in this area was soil and full of dirt. The road already used asphalt.

Along the road, I didn't see hill or mountain. Contour of Central Borneo is flat. Many swamp in both side of road. Because of this situation, people built wood house with additional “foot” to make distance from the floor to water. Wow, that's so unique.

Finally, night welcomed me at Buntok. It was already 8.30 pm according West Time Line. I felt so tired. Thanks to God, it was smooth journey.

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  1. Gratz brow! Wish U both a great fortune there...

  2. 1. grammar dan spelling tolong diperhatikan...
    2. pramugarinya g difoto atau fotonya burem ato fotonya "koleksi pribadi"??
    3. semoga sukses disana yon, banyak anak, banyak rejeki
    4. grammar dan spelling tolong diperhatikan...

  3. Surya : Thank you bro.Wish the best for you to in Bali
    Adit : Cecurut, tumben komen. Untuk hal tertentu (photo) menjadi konsumsi pribadi sebelum "jatah malam" berkurang nanti