New Purpose New Project

Hay again!

Staying at Borneo and seeing the real situation of Borneo Forestry changes my mind. Green carpet as people said for Borneo Forest is not really as green as it said. Some place, for example Barito Selatan, only has few forest. With different texture of soil (the soil like beach soil), only few threes can live here.

In some occasion, I bought 2 ha land at Sanggu. Like i said before, the soil is like beach soil - sandy. Some grass can live there but the root can't grip properly. Very easy for me to put the grass. Threes look miserable.

I don't want to let this land sleep for a long time. My vision is to make this land useful, economically and ecologically. First, with sandy characteristic, may be I can plant corn and cassava. Two plant that historically have good performance in any circumstance. Second, to make green and shady, I plan to plant "hard" plantation such as Mangosteen, Gaharu, and could be Manggo.

I realize i can't cultivate and do the plan by my self. So, it's better to manage time and people. But first, i do it my self as long as i can.


Remembering Gunung Nglanggeran (Bukit Purba)

Central Borneo, my recent place, has no hill or mountain as appear in Bali or Java. The contour is almost flat. Memory about mountain makes me remember about our adventure, hiking at Gunung Nglanggeran (people usually said it as Bukit Purba) - Yogyakarta.

People said that Bukit Purba is a thousand years hill that came from volcanic eruption and naturally shaped by water and weathering. That's why people called it Purba (ancient), something that appeared long before our existence, when sharp teeth and reptilian skin became “the boss”.


Borneo Beautiful Swamp View

Every country in Indonesia has its own specialty. Bali has its culture and beautiful terrace. Yogyakarta has its Keraton and sweat food. And, in my recent place, Borneo, it has beautiful swamp that lies until the foot of sky.

Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency in South Kalimantan is one of the regency that has wide beautiful swamp. Native people here makes traditional house with wood-material and the houses have “foot” to make distance from water. They do many activities near and in the swamp, like bathing, fishing, and toileting. We can say that the swamp is part of their live – although (may be) some of us will see it as unhealthy live.

With so many wide swamps in this regency (and also many places in Kalimantan) can be one potential place to be a recreation area, photography, or research area basically for swamp ecosystem. Off course, it needs government concern and people support to make it happen. Good infrastructure and promotion must be set up to realize swamp eco-recreation area. Let us see beautiful view in swamp area when I had journey with my friend to Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency in South Kalimantan. Hopefully you enjoy the views.